PostSmile Premium

Add emoticons, smileys, and other graphics to emails

PostSmile is a great utility that helps to give your messages more feeling by adding various emoticons. This tool includes dozens of smileys and emoticons to add to your emails, web forums, message board postings, blog comments, etc. PostSmile allows you to add a special touch to your messages and enhance their content. You can also add your own pictures and photos, HTML code, text snippets, personal handwritten signatures, famous quotes, and more. PostSmile supports animated and static GIF files, as was JPEG or PNG image formats for your photos and pictures. Every time you want to write a special message, the only thing you need to do is to open this application, select your desired emoticon or smiley, and drag the selection to your message. This tool is compatible with several applications including Microsoft Outlook Express, Windows Vista Mail, Windows 7 Mail, Mozilla Thunderbird, Microsoft Outlook, and many other utilities and web services. Use the same drag and drop feature to add new content to your emoticon and smiley lists. The program includes a drawing area for creating your signatures easily in no time. PostSmile is a simple and complete tool for your messaging needs.